The Democratic Capitalist Illusion

For those that studied economics at the higher levels of our education system, it is true irony that we continue to hear major political pundits and the slew of economic consultants and leaders use the term capitalism when explaining our failing system.  Capitalism is being noted to have failed us once again and now government must step in and come to the rescue.

One can make a case that both democracy and capitalism does exist in our society.  The facts are that they however both operate at such significantly low levels that one should not constitute them as the predominate name and in fact, we really are in real terms a Fascist Oligarchy, as most countries really are today.  It has been quite the deception perpetrated over many years.  It is not democracy and capitalism that have failed because they have not been truly allowed
or promoted as our political system and financial markets are controlled and manipulated at the highest levels by a relatively small group of bankers, politicians, lawyers  and judges and they are using socialist and fascist strategies to maintain their controls. This is not new and was done by the Romans and just about every society in world history.

They control who gets the money, what groups get the government welfare, contracts, and how much the various classes and businesses are taxed and regulated.  They redistribute the wealth from the private sector, being predominantly the middle and upper middle classes who provide the largest levels of employment and productivity, through excessive taxation and an assortment of government fees, fines, mandatory requirements and numerous restrictions.  That my
friend is “not” capitalism.

Of course they use forms of democratic decision-making to make some decisions but that is not a democracy. The number of laws placed into effect by the citizens at-large in American is a pittance of the number of laws on the books.  The small number of democratically created laws is also continually under attack by the ruling oligarchy, such as property tax limiting laws like the Save Our Homes legislation in Florida or the various term limit laws enacted throughout the
country.  It is rare that a tax is either eliminated or significantly reduced.   The only real democratic legislation is the initiative petition process that the oligarchy utilizes just as effectively as the majority often times nullifying what would be in the best interest of the majority.  This does not necessarily support the pretence that Democracy is a viable system, as it has not shown to work for prolonged periods of time without various levels of chaos. But to use the word Democracy as a adjective for our society is quite misleading as it is obviously an oligarchy.  When the rule of law is primarily determined by between nine (9) Supreme Court Justices and 500+/- legislators acting for self and special interests with little regard for inalienable rights, that my friends, is not democracy.

So the truth be told, that we are actually a Democratic Republic? Nope, we are supposed to be, but we are not that either.  Our politicians are representing someone but neither you nor I believe that they are any longer representing the majority nor probably never have been. We know that they are representing self and special interest groups and those that contribute to their campaigns with the greatest amount of benefits to those that contribute the most. That’s
the way the system works, has always worked, and most likely will always work as long as we maintain this system.  Hopefully Barack Obama will be different as many are placing great hope on his administration, but the odds are against as much of the damage done to the system is either irreparable and the associations within his own party and oligarchy we make it difficult for him despite his perceived morays or desires.   It also appears that he is not changing the various legislation that would cure our problems but instead is continuing along the same social engineering strategies that has just brought us to our knees.

How can you have a democracy when most people are voting for what is in their own best interest rather than what is in the best interest of the majority.   No wonder political scientists have historically been afraid of what they majority would do if put in a position of determining the majority of our laws. Between the lack of understanding of many of the specifics of economics and law, people mostly vote their pocketbook.  You cannot trust the majority at least
in a collective sense.  Additionally many believe and it appears reasonable to conclude that the majority is to easily swayed by current events and situations nor has the time and inclination to be entrusted with such responsibility, so they are literally taken advantage of by the ruling oligarchy and they use the foregoing arguments to condone their actions.  Jefferson said “that Government is best which governs least” and he is one of the greatest proponents of free market capitalism and individual rights.

Fascism:  The use of taxation and regulation to controls the means of production. There are various definitions of fascism but to this author, all require heavy taxation and regulation to implement and maintain the power and authority of the ruling entity.  Most often fascism is associated with dictators like Mussolini and Hitler, but Hitler was appointed by an elected official and Mussolini was an elected Official.  However, one person on his own cannot maintain the
necessary power to enforce their economic policies and controls, so fascism is more an economic aspect of socio-economic s and how and who implements it is secondary.  Not one fascist society has existed without a powerful group working in collusion, perhaps led by a central figure, none the less an oligarchy.  Even the various Kings of the  historical and current Monarchs, have very tightly organized groups controlling all aspects of their societies. The degree of brutality used, to me, is secondary to the definition and all known Monarch have used various forms of fascism to maintain their power and all must use some degree of brutality to force the obeyence of their policies and controls .

Oligarchy:   Decision making by the few… and the number people involved would depends on how many people they are ruling.  In a country of 325 million, 2500 people is a few and that is my estimate of the number of people who truly rule our country through such organizations as Congress and the administration, The council on Foreign Relations and military industrial contractors, The Federal Reserve Bank, the major banks, the major mass Media outlets and the higher Judgeships within the Judicial branch. Consider that a vote of 4 to 3 of the Supreme Court can constitute a law.

Capitalism:  The unfettered liberty and freedom to participate in all economic activities without government approval or restrictions, as long as the rights of others are not usurped. Capitalism, where? For god sack our money isn’t even free market derived. The US$s are pieces of paper or computer blips, (fiat currency) forced on the Citizens of this county in 1933 by legal tender laws.  You can’t take anything else to the bank and receive just compensation despite what the money clauses of our Constitution say.  Any 6th grader can read the money clauses of the Constitution and ascertain the facts that gold and silver coins are the “only” lawful money allowed under the Constitution. Article I Section 10: No State shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payments of Debts.

Most aspect of our lives are regulated and controlled by various Alphabet bureaucracies and regulations.  Every trade and business is licensed with tons or regulations and taxes.  There are different government fees and taxes heaped upon the Citizens of this country.  If you want to take you kid fishing, you’re supposed to buy a fishing license for him or her. If you want to dive for lobsters off Florida’s coast, “during those times that you’re allowed to dive for them” lobster season, you must have both a fishing and a lobster license.  Every ”Professional Occupation” whatever that means is licensed and highly regulated. I have three Licenses and it has truly been a huge waste of my time and money keeping them active and meeting all the regulatory requirements. Interestingly, the regulators  don’t really teach you how to conduct the realistic aspects of business in an ethically manner.  Basically, it’s most of the regulation comes down to don’t steal or lie to people and follow the hoards of regulations so we can make money off you.

We’ve have the largest “communist” county in the world, China buying the largest part of our government debt for the last 10 to 15 years. They used their fiat currency to buy our fiat currency.Without the purchase of our debt by other governments it would have been impossible to pay for ¾’s of our government programs over that same period.  Before that we have the world largest oligarchy, still controlled by a monarch and powerful families, Japan buying our government debt, to their own demise.   And people wonder why we have crashed and are getting ready to burn. From the time you wake up in the morning and take your shower with government regulated water, brush your teeth with government approved toothpaste and eliminate your prior days store of food into a government regulated sanitation system, every product that you use and very action you take is most likely regulated, taxed and/or controlled by the every present Uncle Sam.  That is not capitalism.

Remember who is controlling Uncle Sam; that small group which can be best defined as an oligarchy.  Remember that term; oligarchy, we are a fascist oligarchy as are most countries today.

Cost to Produce Web Based Judicial System

Need some help with this but my initial estimates are $150 K for software and 2 year maintenance, four (4) programmers over 12 months @ $60 K each plus  two Administrators over 1.5 year @ $100 K each. We’ll need good voting software (none political as I heard they have accessible back doors) that can be tweaked to meet our needs. An encryption software package; currently thinking Trusted Pair is impressive but not an encryption expert plus email, blogging and admin.  That’s $510 K +/- $100 K total which is only about $10.00 from 55,000 people or $100.00 from 5,500 or $1000.00 from 550 people. It’s a pile of money for an experiment but it has all been done before, just not in one package. The package however is marketable as well for a variety of situations. I came up with the package originally for a consumer group but when I applied it to this I almost fell out of my chair.

New Year, New Paradigm

By Larkin Rose – 01-03-2011

So, the people are upset at what “government” is doing. The people are outraged, fit to be tied. This time, “government” has gone too far! This time it’s serious! And the people are hopping mad! They’re not going to take it anymore! The people are demanding change!

In other words, it’s business as usual.

The level of oppression and the intensity of the discontent may fluctuate, but it’s always been there, for all of my life and all of yours. “Government” has always been acting against the will of the people. Politicians have always been corrupt, and have always been violating the rights of individuals. It was happening before the ink was dry on the Constitution, it was happening for thousands of years before that, and it continues to happen today. And it keeps getting worse.

Whether it’s war-mongering, socialist wealth redistribution, police state fascism, or government take-overs of more and more aspects of our lives, the story is always the same: “government” power increases, liberty diminishes. Centuries of campaigning, voting, lobbying and protesting have been utterly powerless to stop it.

And here comes the part most people don’t want to hear. When I was actively and zealously campaigning and doing the whole political activism thing, this is the last thing I wanted to hear–but it’s exactly what I needed to hear:

For all the greed, nastiness and corruption of all of the political crooks, “left” and “right,” the primary problem does not reside in Washington. The main problem exists between the ears of several hundred million Americans, probably including you. Until what’s in your head changes, all of your determination, righteous indignation and hard work will accomplish nothing. Actually, it will accomplish less than nothing. Until your understanding changes, your efforts to preserve liberty will actually result in less freedom and less justice, for you and everyone else.

If, as I myself did years back, you’ve spent lots of time, effort and money trying to petition the system for justice, and trying to create a responsible, “lawful” and righteous “government,” then honestly ask yourself: what did you get for all of your noble efforts? What do you have to show for it? Are you more free, or less free, than when you started? We both know the answer to that.

(You might be tempted to claim that, if not for your efforts, things would be even worse today. Even if that were true, all that would mean is that you slightly slowed down the slide toward totalitarianism, but did nothing to actually prevent it. At best, you made it into a problem for our kids to deal with, after you and I are gone. Is that good enough for you?)

Good intentions are good. But without understanding, they are worthless. Like the brave soldier who eventually realizes that he isn’t actually fighting for freedom and justice, but is only acting as a mercenary for crooked politicians, most freedom advocates need to realize that their valiant efforts are not actually helping. The trouble is that, when people’s motives are good, their intentions honorable, and when they’ve been working hard for what they believe in, for years if not decades, the last thing they want to hear is, “What you’re doing is utterly pointless.”

But in most cases, it is.

The good news is that you do have the power to change the world for the better. Achieving liberty–yes, even in our lifetime–is possible. But as long as you focus only on the external manifestations of tyranny, you will get nowhere. Whether you’re talking about a sick body or a sick society, treating symptoms doesn’t make a problem go away. And all the “government” power-grabs, all the war-mongering, all the police state bunk, all the Orwellian garbage going on–while those are all extremely serious, they are mere symptoms of the underlying problem.

If you take a moment to step back from your righteous zeal, and reassess the situation honestly, you will find that the underlying problem, in the vast majority of cases, is to be found inside your own head. No matter how enthusiastically pro-freedom you consider yourself, you are probably a “carrier” of the real problem, and while you’re “demanding” freedom, you are unwittingly feeding oppression.

In the coming days and months, I’ll be elaborating on exactly what I mean by that. For now, I’m going to end this article like a cliff-hanger. Today, I’ll just end with the assertion that, with extremely rare exceptions, the primary problem is not the politicians or their jackbooted thugs; the problem is in your own head. The good news is that you have the power to fix it, if you really want to.

For the most complete and thorough explanation of the issue that I can give, go get yourself a copy of a book which has been over fifteen years in the making, and was just released two days ago: “The Most Dangerous Superstition.” It can be ordered HERE. Otherwise, just keep checking out FreedomsPhoenix, and eventually you’ll get the whole explanation in bits and pieces.

You Won’t Beat Them at Their Own Game

01-01-2011  •  C4SS / Kevin Carson 
“If you put all your hope for social change in legal reform … then … you will find yourself outmaneuvered at every turn by those who have the deepest pockets and the best media access and the tightest connections. There is no hope for turning this system against them; because, after all, the system was made for them and the system was made by them. Reformist political campaigns inevitably turn out to suck a lot of time and money into the politics—with just about none of the reform coming out on the other end.”

Programers Needed

The Repairing the Scales of Justice team are seeking extremely talented database managers, encrytion specialist and programers with a high level of experience in web based applications and software.  The System will require highly encryption communications in a voting system, email and private and public blogs within the an extensive secure web based application. A massive database will be required that will require real time updating as participants post their opinions and votes. The software will need to have the capacity to ramdomly select Judicial participants based on particial professional experience and performance. Judicial participants will be required to correspond in total and/or partial privacy within Blogs with others to extensively collaborate on massive documents relating to law. The will need to be able to send private request to others to join them in na variety of collaberative efforts. Other typical administrative aspects will need to be impletemented into the system. Very little graphics other than avatars and user assistance or identification symbols will be on this site.