You Won’t Beat Them at Their Own Game

01-01-2011  •  C4SS / Kevin Carson 
“If you put all your hope for social change in legal reform … then … you will find yourself outmaneuvered at every turn by those who have the deepest pockets and the best media access and the tightest connections. There is no hope for turning this system against them; because, after all, the system was made for them and the system was made by them. Reformist political campaigns inevitably turn out to suck a lot of time and money into the politics—with just about none of the reform coming out on the other end.”

One thought on “You Won’t Beat Them at Their Own Game

  1. Agreed. Thinking that you can alter the system from within is a fallacy long expienced by those who have been trying for years. We need to replace the system, not reform it and only by having a better working system created by the free market, can that happen.


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