The Competency of Human Nature

West Palm Beach, FL – (RSJ): I wrote this after reading a recent article by Peter Schiff in the Daily Bell. In this article he details his day at a Occupy Wall Street Protest. Not to quote, but his finding were that many  protesters do not understand even basic socio-economics, and therefore are protesting the wrong issues. See what you think.

I’m not much in favor of protesting in such a manner as it is still politicking which does not work well, but it does allow us to contemplate some of the underlying problems, that those who do understand the issues face. Thinking that shouting and holding up contradictory signs in the streets will somehow “force” the oligarchs to change their policy positions, is a bit naïve. Violence gets their attention, but do you really want to do that, if there is a better way.

Not only are we up against an insidious deception formulated by the ultra wealthy ruling Oligarchies, we are up against those that have been deceived by their propaganda. We are also up against their cronies, minions and lackeys as I like to call them, who benefit from the current Cronyism and state of affairs. I won’t go into my definitions of those characters at the moments, but you can formulate your own if you like. No one has ultimate authority over language, so knock yourself out. Challenging traditions and practicing conventions is the first step to a free mind.

Education is obviously essential, so The Daily Bell and others that offer rational and logical commentaries and narratives on the many social issues we face, if we are ever going to improve some of the weaknesses of human nature. Even among those educated, there are obviously still huge weaknesses in our movement.

I believe that most humans lack either the ability or desire to communicate effectively to solve social problems. I believe that educating them to be able to communicate effectively is possible, at least for most and that is all we need to accomplish in the area of education. Once they learn the basics of socio-economics, it is a rude awakening that forever changes a person’s psyche. Consciousness for many becomes a curse, as you now know the real problems and, trust me, getting other to see the light or as importantly care, is not easy and quite exasperating; thus apathy sets in.

The difficulties of both explaining and comprehending socio-economic realities and anti-statist solutions, is as much a problem to the movement for liberty as human nature itself. People get highly apathetic and discouraged on both sides, faced with enormous amount of both truths and misinformation from advocates and enemies. The human mind appears to be a programmable computer that craves regurgitating information prior to having all the facts. This is not the
basis for this composition, but I surely would be interested in getting others opinions and solutions on this subject. Some believe it is various teaching methods introduced in the early twentieth century and still practiced today that have hampered individuals in advancing the ability to effectively communicate, especially being introduced to the higher amount of knowledge the world has ever experienced

Our self interests, necessary for self survival, get in the way of being able to effectively focus collectively to solve our social problems. From prosperity to Justice, we have fallen well short of a civil society and just because your self-interests are currently being fulfills, does not negate the evidence, for those that have and are being adversely effective by our barbaric system. The system has placed such burdens and privileges on the Citizens, that it has created a huge divide shown in recent elections, assuming they’re not rigged.

We all know it is the system itself that is the problem. How can an institution, “Government”, whose economic foundation, being based on and operated by force, legalized graft, theft and coercion, promote or foster an ethical and civil society? If you can answer that question, as an advocate of statism, then you obviously need to stop reading and show us your plans. As we see, Obama, Bernanke and Geitner are currently speechless on rational potential improvements to our fascist economy.

It is my opinion that only providing free market solutions to free market problems will work, and just because we are unable to get people to do it, does not mean that this is not correct. What it does mean, is that we are failing in our methods to educate and organize our efforts. I believe that all the education tools have and continue to be advanced, so we are just failing in our methods and procedures to institute our free market principles.  I almost said policies, but as we all know, the policy is very simple and already exists and that it is the repeal or dismantling of fascist policies that we are struggling with.

Many Individuals still want to erroneously believe that there are political solutions to the socio-economic problems that we are all aware of.  The oligarchs have embraced government therefore that should give us a huge clue as to how  government is used and that it is “NOT” the vehicle that we should be using. Does Ron and Rand Paul educate from the political platform; surely. Does it send a wrong fundamental message, that we should participate in the political arena to attempt to effect socio-economic policy; you bet yea.

Is not the Libertarian Party a contradiction and surely one of the very reasons that it has been so ineffective?  Since the LPs inception, the government itself, manipulated by the oligarchs and their mass media propaganda machine, have easily marginalized the LP.  The Tea Party which I don’t think is even a real political party has gotten more press, as has the Wall Street Protests. Come on people, stop falling for and get out of the political game that we all oppose.

We are falling for the very same propaganda that allows the oligarchs to continue their never-ending exploits. The tell each generation to get involved and make a difference.  Then they appear to recruit the more ambitious to assist in quelling any dissention.

We need to go Galt in a political sense, and that means even those like Ron and Rand Paul. But before we do this, we need to create a system that is an improvement over the existing one and we need a system which will foster the communications necessary to implement the improved system. We can do this…..and I’m positive that there are methods to assist us in this goal.

For instance, a researcher by the name of John David Garcia did some very interesting studies in the area of group leadership and dynamics in the mid 1950’s. He found from his experiments that a group of eight people, 4 women and 4 men, deciding unanimously, provided the greatest level of creativity and communications.  Bob Podolsky, a psychotherapist, continued his work and has come up with some very interesting observations and methods to enhance group dynamics. Bob, Thomas Costanza and I are starting a group that will concentrate on putting together, what are being called octalogs, to begin to use them to facilitate and improve effective communications between individuals
within these groups. Not only will these groups become more effective at accomplishing their goals, the individuals themselves learn how to achieve their own goals, as no one is limited in the number of groups they can participate in. What we have is a method of individual and group improvement that can be utilized by everyone. Let face it, we need something unless you are happy with the various institutions now monopolizing our world. Let’s get off the merry-go-round, I’m getting dizzy.


5 thoughts on “The Competency of Human Nature

  1. Here’s the thing, you need socialized institutions. I’m not saying that ALL institutions should be socialized, I’m saying some institutions SHOULD NOT be free market. I don’t have a say in the free-market.

    Let’s look at education, an education system that is Socialized has a school board, it’s part of the government. I have a say in the government, I can show up to the school board meetings, I can change the pathetic educational system we have today. If I don’t like the way my children are being taught or what they are learning in class, then I can change that. Trust me, I used to be a teacher.

    You take the same institution & run it on a free market system & it becomes my current job. I work for a corporation. I have NO SAY in what that corporation does. I can’t just show up at a meeting & have my job listen to me. I can not afford enough shares to be heard.

    You’ll have the same problem in an education system that is NOT socialized. Anything that is run by the government you have a say in & that means you can change it. At least it does in what is left of our democracy. I’m no longer a teacher, but I show up to the school board meetings, I have my say, & I help to make I still help to make the school in my district a better place to learn. Socialized education gives me the RIGHT to do that. Education under a free market system takes away that right.

    And you know what, OWS is using their First Amendment Rights. I’ve been to the protests, they are run by a direct democracy. Everyone has a say in a direct democracy. If you want a system you can change, the people at OWS are working to create that system. They just want a voice, & because they don’t currently have one, they are wise enough to make sure that everyone that shows up to that protest has a voice. And that is a real change.


    • @Lacerta1972 – I created this site a number of months ago and I’m just learning my way around. I’m pretty busy so I surely don’t take the necessary time on it. Sorry for the late reply.

      I would love to beleive that We The People do have a say in representative government, but that has not been my or any of my friends and associates experience over our 45 +/- years. You would think that you can change the system, but if you look at the last half century, it does appear to have changed, but sadly for the worse. I finally gave up on that notion and started exploring the contraian position. Once I did this, things just started to fall in place from every intellectual genre utilized. Interesting, it’s not so much the socialistic endeavers that are really the problem, it was waht it takes to institute them. The negative ramifications of the various program.

      Lets take public edcuation. Well that great, we all chip in and provides all the kids with education. I went to public education and it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good either. It felt like the teachers were more interested in suching up to their administrators then teaching the children. Where ever the money came directly from is where it appears the interest was. Since the parents did not pay directly, tehre was no real connection between the consumer (the child and parents) and the service providers (the Teachers). It kind of reminded me of how police treated the City Commmisioners and higher ups in the governmnet as compared to the average Citizen. Both police and public teachers know who signs their paychecks and it it isn’t the parents. Matter of fact, if the parents don’t pay their property taxes to fund the system, they get their house taken away from them. Basically there is no consumer/service provider responcibility unless the parent is will to buckup against the school board and city hall.

      Interestly, I ran as a libertarain in 1992 for the State House here in Florida and I used the voucher system as one of my primary platforms thinking it would add some needed competition to the system. Had I known that the system was going to just turn it into a private/public parnership with the same regulatory body of oversight, I wouldn’t have wasted my time. The interenet has done more to improve education than the voucher system. And the attorneys made millions fighting over the various issues such as if perochial schools should get state funds. My opinion was no, but that’s another issue.

      Than I started looking hard at the negative ramification of the reditribution of wealth to fund education. I saw old people on fixed incomes being squeezed out of being able to afford their homes as property prices rose and property taxes followed. I saw the court house vultures prey on property owners, especially the poor, though tax deed sales. Then you have responcible parents who only have the number of kids they can afford vs parents that have kids they can’t afford. The idea that people have to pay both property taxes and pay for their kids to go to private schools or home school them, seems grossly unjust. Understand I’m not rich but I can still see what’s fair.

      If you want to go into the excessive costs of government and the necessary tax base needed to fund government, you can then start to analysis why so many especially small businesses have bankrupted and closed. Now here the real problem in my opinion, it’s not so much that public education is horrible, but when you start to add in all the tons of other governemnt projects, the tax base has to be so large that we are now literally in the economic postion that we’re in. Individually, a government program is not so bad in and of itself, but once the Citizens find out that they can vote to expand the various social programs, appaeantly collectively it’s just to much for the society especailly the average small buinses owner to finanical handle it. We’ve lost some 41,000 factories just in the last decade and lost thousand more previously. People just arn’t able to say no to excessive government.


    • Theoretically, socialism sounds great and you’ve even made some good arguments for it. But would you haven’t done is to show the readers all the negative repercussions of those same social policies? Without knowing the pros and cons of a specific policy, how is the reader going to know which is preferable? Take Public education. Have you ever considered that when poor people can’t afford their property taxes, the primary revenue used to pay for public education, our tax certificate system often ends up foreclosing on the home by wealthy investors? So we are taking the homes away from poor people to pay for the education of poor parents who irresponsibly have children they could not afford to educate. We know why socialism doesn’t work because it always hurt one group to the benefit of another, just as the tax certificate system does. Is a families roof over their heads more or less important than public education?


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