The Right of Secession; good old honest Abe Lincoln

lincoln-the-bad-guyThe arguments, for which the Right to Secede as a State, or for that matter as an individual we call expatriating, must be a guarantee for any society that desires both liberty and justice and are fairly straight forward and simply understood.Just as our founding fathers entered into a contract, we call the Constitution and Bill for Rights in 1978, we as individuals enter into contracts on a daily basis.  A single fill-up of you automobile at a gas station in exchange for a swipe of your credit card facilitates numerous contracts. You get a specific amount of gasoline in exchange for your money. The credit card company takes a little cut in exchange for providing that service to the station owner and you. The station owner gets paid for providing you the gasoline. The refinery gets paid for the gas it refined and provided to the station owner, etc., all the way to the guy who getting paid by some company to find more oil.  This is free enterprise based on contract law. Surely there are problems now and then that we must deal with, but the overwhelming majority of the time, billions of these transactions, based on the contract, takes place every single minute of every single day around the world.

Just think of the possibility if we didn’t honor contract law or if you were forced to honor one contract without the right to dissolve the agreement. Instead of being able to go to another gasoline station if the station owner raised his price to high, you had to pay the high prices. Station owners could charge whatever the like. Obviously as we learned in grade school, competition creates a situation that helps keep prices at market levels.

The Constitution is nothing but a social contract. Obviously we didn’t sign it and thus must chose to either stay in this county and honor the various social contracts created, fight them if we don’t like them or leave in the event we don’t think we can change them and people do all these things. Can you imagine living in the ex-Soviet Union, China or Cuba and not being legally allowed to leave without tremendous physical and financial risks, yet many found it necessary to take those risks and good for them.

No social contract or Constitution can be valid if it does not allow its dissolution; it would then become to some degree either voluntary or involuntary servitude for those whom want it dissolved. It’s that simple.

For those that believe the end justifies the means, the end is always arbitrary at that moment and is only determinant by what will eventually happen, of which it can either be positive or negative. In the case of the Revolutionary War, a great society was created and in the case of the Civil War, the great State was created. History has praised the former and will eventually, as the many truths are such as this are recognized, loathe the latter.

The inability of the southern States of America to secede prior to the Civil War has created both abundant amounts of voluntary and involuntary servitude for the majority by the establishment of greater centralized powers and the resultant greater usurpation of inalienable rights.

Two clauses within the Bill of Rights that the Citizens forced their Representatives to enumerate, in my opinion guarantee the right to secession. Two Amendments, IX and X are very clear. “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people” and “The powers not delegated to the United State by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States are reserved to the States respectively or to the people”.

Seems to me that since the Constitution doesn’t prohibit secession, the people within the various 50 States, unless their States prohibit it, have the right to do so.

If you ever wonder why Abraham Lincoln has been so revered by historians throughout the decades following the war, the history gets to be written by the winner. And the winner had to hide all these years, the various abrogations of the Constitution that Lincoln and his administration had to do to stop the southern States from Secession. By making Lincoln look like such a great and honorable man, it made the results of this tragic war look like it was the right thing to do. The end had justified the means and since the means were so honorable, the means must have been just.

Sadly they were not, and according to Professor of Economics, Thomas DiLorenzo in his book Lincoln Unmasked, historians have misled the American people though both the main stream media and our government controlled education system.

Some think that I’m anti-government, but I’m really pro justice. It, as you will come to learn, is not my fault that so many representing government, are the ones creating the injustices.

Lincolns greatest injustice forced on society must be murder.  Any man or even northern politicians, that disagreed and spoke out against the war, from north or south, he branded them a traitor, arrested and jailed them, without a civilian trial of their peers, thus suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus, held military tribunals and had them shot. He did all this by the way without the consent of Congress. He even went as far as issuing an arrest warrant against a Supreme Court Justice who granted a man a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

He also shut down and or raided some 30 northern newspapers who went against him thus suspending the Freedom of the Press. So far we have murder, unconstitutional arrests, incarcerations and military tribunals against American Citizens, the suspension of the Freedom of the Press and the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

He also through force of arms took over all the southern ports without Congresses consent thus forcing the Southern States to take up arms in self-defense. The South may have fired first, but it was under extreme premeditated provocation and physical duress as the southern population of those men able to fight was before and throughout the war at a 1:2 ratio to the north.

Let’s talk about a few of his personal acts and beliefs. He was one of the most prominent lawyers for the subsidized railroad industrialist, sometimes making $5,000 a case when most men only made $1,500 a year and often travelled in his own luxury rail car. He even speculated in land that he knew was destined for utilization by the railroad industrialists and even signed the subsidies and projects into law once he became President.  He was a flat out racist, not wanting whites and blacks to mix, at all and even called for all blacks to be sent back to Liberia where they had a 1 in 10 chance of survival as free people. I especially love his usage of biblical quotations in his many speeches, despite being an atheist. Some suggest that he might have become a Christian before his death; he surely had a lot to repent.

Good old honest Abe. With the likes of Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, GW Bush and Obama following closely in his footsteps, I for one favor and suggest succession before they put up a wall like in Berlin and China, probably along the Mexican border. The question is, will it eventually keep them out or us in?

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