Taxpayers Paid Sexual Harassment

It is quite interesting that I did an article on a government contractor back in 2014 in which a company by the name of Westat was seeking women to interview other women about sexual harassment and other types of unwanted sexual advancements. So all you demopublicans that are having to support those men who are being “accused” right and left, paid for this study.
We all know women never lie, especially when it comes to money, and then we wonder why so many men are “allegedly” being targeted, with mostly hearsay evidence. When such taxpayer paid studies are being done, coming up with some juicy evidence is surely desired by the government contractor or their credibility will be diminished for future contracts.
We all know sexual harassment exists, my own girlfriends have told me their stories. My favorite ones are when the wifes of these type guys are overseeing the hiring and firing of employees. They discriminate against the more attractive women because they obviously don’t trust their husbands.
A lot of men are dogs and a lot of women pick and choose which dogs they will and will not tolerate and/or can control. I can’t think of a more suitable couple as the Hillbilly Clintons.

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