Will The Real ________ Please Stand UP

For many of you younger folks, this was the tagline of a game show back in the 1960s called “To Tell The Truth” where a group of four people (contestants) would try to fool a panel of four TV celebrities by pretending to be a person who had either done something that was not widely known but was considered an impressive accomplishment or had an unusual or impressive occupation. As an example, a rocket scientist at NASA who had invented something important or a world champion Bull Rider. One of the four was the actual infamous person and the celebrity panel would get to ask the four contestants various true/false questions with each of them answering the questions as if they were the infamous person.  At the end of the question/answer session, the TV Host would ask the real person to please stand up, to see if the contestants were able to fool the Celebrities or not.  Not only was it entertaining to learn the various accomplishments and/or interesting occupations of people, trying to guess, as the viewers and the live audience, who the real person was based on their answers was fun. A game of both deception and detection of the truth or lie because three of the four people were trying to fool the celebrity panel.

Is Donald Trump a charismatic big mouthed individual with a high IQ but a low logical cognitive mentality or just another lying politician. Why is it like most of his other Presidential predecessors, he has ended up being so hypocritical on many issues. As an example, he berated President Obama for selling more short-term treasuries instead of longer-term ones and yet his administration is selling even shorter-term Treasuries then his predecessor. It is easier to sell shorter-term Treasures because they have less risk associated with them than longer-term ones and our current economic condition is causing investors to avoid the longer-term ones. Donald Trump should have known why investors were avoiding them and not criticized the Obama Administration for doing better than he has done in this area. If the Democrats are smart they are going to use this mistake as a criticism against the Republicans in the upcoming and next Presidential election.

The inability of the Trump Administration to be unable to sell the longer-term Treasures is also an indication, that the long-term economic outlook of the U.S. is not as bright as his administration is saying. If it were his administration would be able to sell the longer higher yielding term Treasuries. The Dems would be wise to use this data to also throw the Republicans under the bus.

There is also one more possibility. He’s just another lying politician who told us he loves Wikileaks multiple times during his campaign, yet the head of Wikileaks Julian Assange remains in fear of arrest, under protected political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, by the very entity, the U.S. Justice Department who is commanded by Donald Trump as President. So, when he said he loved Wikileaks was he really insinuating that he was happy Assange and Wikileaks had exposed numerous examples of U.S. government corruption which many many people applauded when he said it each time or was he just lying to the American people to try to get them to elect him. The Dems Should be applauding Wikileaks but instead have also berated Assange for leaking the truth and are siding with the Trump Administration on this issue.

That tells us a lot about the two-party system and how they really feel about their corruption being exposed and what they are willing to do and say to keep from being exposed and to get elected.

So many people are both huge fans of Assange and others like Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblowers that maintaining the Administration’s current stance of wanting to prosecute them shows either a propensity to lie or stupidity of costing him and other members of the Republican Party the next election. With Hillary Clinton and others in the Democratic leadership also coming out against Assange and Snowden, it will be interesting to see how the voters respond to this and other egregious actions by the alleged bipartisan duopoly or will the voters wise up and revolt.

The True Nature Of Politics

We all know they’re lying, even in the UK some of the time, but how do we know when? We don’t, yet how many out there keep picking one of the two major party candidates knowing this?  Women, sadly I find, are the most gullible. They, of course, think they have superpowers of intuition and body language reading, so I don’t really know how to explain this.