One thought on “IQ and Culture

  1. The following comment is completely from a social/psychological perspective and may go off topic.

    First let me say that our academic institutions are the best thing we have when it comes to creating learning opportunities for our children. However, I think the fact that we corral our children in to academic institutions with the belief that it is the school system’s job to help “Jane” and “Johnny” discover their identities (ie: future occupation as a productive citizen) is probably one of the biggest problems facing communities. The questions: “Who Am I?” versus “What’s my IQ?” factor in key differences when it comes to outcomes of personal identity. Individualized and personalized assessments in helping discover where a person’s strengths and weakness lie and developing ways to address those strengths and weakness to foster a child’s healthy identity formation relie more with the parents then with the school system. I’m talking about home schooling or at the very least extra-cirricular activities that address child’s intrests and supplement learning. This necessarily doesn’t require a whole lot of money. Some families don’t support this type of parenting style. There is the notion that those with wealth and opportunity have more affluence and can better foster successful children. But what about Love and parenting with Love?

    Funny that the government should look to the lower class when it comes to “killing” says something about the governments further manipulation and exploitation of the poorer classes. There is no recruit facility on the campus of Harvard. Why? To me it’s a statement that says, “Yeah, you can be somebody, you just might have to kill some people along the way and not only have your own life put in jeapordy of death but also in jeapordy of future mental illness, which by the way the government may or may not be in a position to help you out with in the future. Which in my opinion is complete BULLSHIT! Talk about a suicide-bomber about to go off?

    John Bowlby and Mary Main worked with children who were victimized by war. These children had lost one or both parents and suffered trauma at the hands of chaotic living environments. There contributions to theories of attachment during early childhood development were, and still are influential. In terms of criminality, another predictor that influences a child’s future risk to society can be found in their attachment style. Those with avoidant mothers; mothers who did not address them when they would cry and left them to cry out their issue, held the highest risk in predictable outcomes for being the most likely to victimize people in adult life. Linguistics, voice-tone-script. A famous quote by a psychologist at the time was the cry, “Only connect!” I watched a video of the different attachment styles that visualized parent-child interaction; securely attached, ambivalently attached, avoidant attachment, disorganized attachment. All child-parent videos were of white Caucasians except for one; the demonstration of avoidantly attached parent-child interaction was that of either a African American or Spanish American family. Couldn’t really tell because of the grainy video, video was from the 70s. Was this a racist tainted biased experiment? Probably not.

    High IQ is a commodity that is bought and sold for the sole purpose of economic production. Trump’s new policy on immigrant access to U.S. citizenship is based solely on “merit.”

    Why the value of IQ is flawed with regard to social-economics is because it fails to address issues of identity. IQ is only one aspect of ability; personality attributes is another factor. The fact that we even use IQ in the production of war is offensive to me. But this is just more of patriarchal psychotic script of Western philosophical thought. Sorry for the misspellings.


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