Merkel Strongly Suggests joining NWO

Many people still do not believe, even though it has been mentioned by numerous others before Merkel, in the existence of a group of people pushing for a New World Order (NWO), claiming those who do believe it, are conspiracy theorists. See if what she says in the link below changes your mind.

For those that have seen how those pushing for the NWO operate and manipulate governments and the markets, we have been observing their methods for decades.

There is only one way to stop them and by doing so we will also drain the swamp. Many think the takeover is coming very soon. Centralized power has killed many societies and now they want to create one government at the world level. To me, this is more than a scary thought. I would like to meet the architect and see the proposed Constitution and Bill of Rights. I know I’m dreaming, rights what are they.

These people are the ones that control Donald Trump and the Clintons and most heads of state around the world, like Merkel. There is an old staying that he who has the gold, makes the rule and the Zionist central bankers have the proverbial gold. Actually, they do also have the real stuff, both gold and silver like J.P. Morgan Chase has been buying up like crazy, but they operate their activities using fiat paper currency which many think is about to go down the toilet. Your toilet paper will likely be worth more than the dollar bill when the defaults start to occur again as they did in 2008. This is when most think the takeover will occur and it’s coming sooner than you think. The current system will not be saved this time, because quite frankly it’s to far gone.

If you do not have any gold and silver, it is your own fault. It’s still relatively cheap.

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