Tennesee To Allow Gold and Silver Coin?

I have read reports like the one in the below link and then I never see or hear anything again. If true, it is good to see a State standing up for both sound money policy and States rights.

The Constitution is very clear in the mandate that no state shall make “any Thing” but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of Debts. Of course, the States are also prohibited from coining their own money in the same clause, under Article I, section 10, so the States have been Constitutionally remiss in allowing and use of printed or digitized paper money since 1933 when FDR unlawfully confiscated gold from the Citizens via Presidential Executive Order 6102 when signed it on April 5, 1933.

Those who allowed FDR to unlawfully abrogated the Constitution also enacted a law that “any entity that made a profit on the transfer of silver bullion, had to pay a full 50% of that profit as a tax. The Silver Tax Act was imposed in 1934 and lasted until 1963, also stifling the use of silver.

This is a little of the history: http://www.moonlightmint.com/bailout.htm

In reality, our nations monetary system had been unlawfully overthrown and the central bankers, with their privately owned and administered Federal Reserve Bank of the United States was now firmly in control of the monopoly powers granted to them in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, when the bank was granted its Charter.

This is perhaps the greatest of the unlawful abrogations of our Consitution but there have been many others. Sadly, the Judiciary as they are bound to do by Oath, have been also illegally remiss in upholding the Constitution of the United States. Go figure, Attorneys willing to sell their souls for power and privilege.

FYI: In order to satisfy the legitimacy of his actions, FDR had declared the State of Emergency predicated on the Great Depression, the one that we now can prove was exacerbated by the very same Central banking interests that were behind FDR’s actions. In 1911 these same interests met at Jekyll Island, GA at the then owned hunting estate of J.P. Morgan, to plan and implement the Federal Reserve Act, the 16 Amendment, and the Revenue Tax Act of 1913 all giving greater power to our ever-expanding centralized Federal government. The non-fiction book The Creature from Jekyll Island by Ed Griffin details the meeting and FDRs other traitorous actions.

If you think these actions were done to protect the interests of the American people, you should keep voting Democrat and Republican because you deserve their continuous lies. If Donald Trump was really interested in Making America Great Again, he would be calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank and Income tax es on labor as those like former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and others have done.

Just one example: Eugene Meyer, the then Chairman of the Federal Reserve bought the Washington Post out of Bankruptcy in 1933 for pennies on the dollar, after Wapo had defaulted on their loans which the very bankers had given them.

Does the recent home and commercial property foreclosure epidemic now make more sense? They lent $Billion to people who could afford the loans as long as the economy was strong, then they stopped lending money to slow down the economy and millions defaulted on their loans. These banking interests have been exacerbating the naturally occurring recession/recovery cycles using their monopoly powers through the controls of interest rates, bank reserved requirement, and the money supply. They can then buy up the assets for pennies on the dollar and it’s now paper or digitally created money that they can literally print on demand so if they do take a loss, it’s simply digits on their computers.

Now banks like J.P. Morgan are buying up millions in silver and gold contracts, using the same digital money the bankers create out of thin air.

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