Eleven Indicators; social and economic collapse?

By H. Skip Robinson ©July 12, 2021

When debt monetization; the artificial means of turning debt instruments into currency though borrowing, becomes the major means of sustaining a societies economy and government.      

When the major governments around the world are having to borrow massive amounts of money and monetize debts just to keep as many people as possible working during periods of higher-than-normal unemployment.

When interest on money within the banking and/or financial systems becomes so negligible that that those lending the money must pay others to borrower it. German, Japan, and Switzerland all have negative interest rates and many others like the U.S. have their banks borrowing at or near zero interest rates.

When so much debt is issued that they only entities willing to buy it, are the central banks themselves either buying their own countries debt or that of others. The Federal Reserve Bank now has purchases close to $8 trillion in U.S. Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securities and China and Japan have bought over $1.2 trillion each of U.S. Treasuries.

When the majorities wages and wealth levels are stagnant or are declining over long periods of time, during periods of sustained currency devaluation from excessive deficit spending, debt monetization and fractional lending.

When the usurpations of individual rights and property become so blatant and continuous that a portion of society becomes rebellious against those in power and law enforcement.

When the majority realizes they can vote themselves continuous benefits, at the expense of others, they will begin to vote for those politicians who promise the most, whether they can or will deliver on those promises or not.

When the economy remains in a prolong period of stagnating, minimal growth or contraction during periods of sustained inflation; what economists call stagflation.

When the overall levels of both private and public debt become so great that without going into greater levels of debt, it is impossible to pay off the existing debts.

When there are over 150 different taxes, regulatory fees, fines and penalties placed within a plethora of relegations so extensive they cannot be listed in a single book that negate the essential elements of the rights to property.

When the leadership within a society, both private and public become so entrenched in the system, that fear, apathy, ignorance and greed restrain them from understanding the above problems and doing anything about it.

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