Great Political Lie (GPL)

“Is, that those elected will represent only their voting constituency”, and not those that provided them the necessary money to pay the media to promote their candidacy.

This of course should answer the question, “Why is there such political bias in the MSM”? Because to win an election, candidates must pay to promote themselves and the MSM, i.e. the television networks, radio stations, newspapers, and now their internet sources such as Yahoo, MSNBC, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, New York Times, Washington Post and others, are the recipients of that advertising money. You don’t think all these media outlets are doing all that work and expenses for free, do you? First and foremost, they are marketing and advertising agencies and they in reality simply disguise themselves as a purveyor of the News to get you to see and listen to their ads.

Each year more and more money is raised and spent by the politicians and the Two major Parties, totaling $billions, most of which goes to the corporate owned media, we call the Main Stream Media (MSM). See study at the end of this essay. Statistical Summary of the 24-month campaign activity 2019-2020 election cycle.

The two major Parties are of course simply extensions of the system. More like the selection committee and coaches weeding through and trying to narrow down each race to a single individual candidate the think should be monetarily sponsored by their Party and membership. This puts unsponsored or third-party candidates in an almost unwinnable position because the wealthy special interests are going to primarily support the sponsored candidate each party has selected. This does not hold true in every case, but surely the vast majority. As an example, incumbents are reelected between 75% and 98% of the time in the U.S. House of Representative. “On only four occasions did more than 20 percent of incumbents seeking re-election actually lose their races.”

If your business or industry needs to back a candidate of a specific Party, you go with who the party most often-times select, or you most likely just wasted your money. If you are thinking about running yourself, just remember, you are not going to raise enough money to compete against the sponsored candidates, without being vetted by the Party leaders and you becoming the one monetarily sponsored, excluding all others. All candidates pretty much become subservient to the Party. You would never realize that, from how often they vote along Party lines? (sarcasm)                

If you think some great leader is going to come along and change the system, you should immediately turn yourself into the nearest psychiatric ward. Why do you think Donald Trump didn’t pardon Julian Assange after praising Wikileaks numerous times during his candidacy? You don’t get elected without the media and the media is owned by very wealthy special interests and those like Trump, Biden and Pelosi really work for them and their cronies and investors. They do not want people like Assange exposing the corruption they are actively influencing.        

Government have been operating in the way since at least the Roman Empire. We know this because they kept very good records. They too, bankrupted the majority and government with excessive taxes and regulations, while given benefits and contracts to the wealthiest special interests. The Dutch and the British also did it when they were the dominate nations of their day.

It’s as if, it’s the nature of government. Tax the majority and provide benefits such as corporate subsidies, grants, tax incentives, lucrative government contracts, and even jobs to the children, relatives and cronies for the wealthiest campaign contributors.  

If you want to know why all governments in history have failed, no matter how they are structured or the quality of the elements of their Constitutions, well, this is one of the primary reasons. The two things they are supposed to do is 1. Do what is in the best interest of the majority and 2. provide stability. Instead with have gotten conflict, political infighting, corruption, a larger number of wars and government failures over relatively short periods of time. For three quarters of the countries in the world, their most recent governments are less than 50 years old and the U.S. is arguably 140 years old, since the southern States seceded and had to be forced back int the Union and their State Constitutions rewritten. England’s most recent government is about the same age, after the last one collapsed in the late 1800s.        

If a democracy doesn’t work, and they haven’t, a democratic republic which is simply an extension, with elected representation, is surely not going to work, due to at the very least, the Great Political Lie (GPL).

This should of course inspire the Great Political Question: is government the necessary evil, that some argue and that is allegedly the current “consensus” of opinion?  

Maybe we could prohibit Political Advertising and Campaign Contributions in excess of certain amounts? This has of course historically been done and it created a black market or other methods to fill the void between the ruling classes money and the candidates selected by the political Parties. There are a number of countries that have unsuccessfully attempted this. What happens is the wealthy themselves start running for office using their own money and they do it now, even with very few campaign restrictions in place. People like Trump, Pelosi, Bloomberg and others simply fill in the void until legislation is passed that allows the poorer individuals to compete for the various political positions. They are paid back through legal but unrelated business deals or donations to their charities and trusts which is done in great amounts, even today.

“Oliver Wouters, a researcher from the London School of Economics, recently published research analyzing the lobbying expenditures and election contributions of pharmaceutical and health product industries. His results, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, reveal that the pharmaceutical and health product industries spent a total of $4.7 billion on lobbying the federal government, $877 million on state candidates and committees, and $414 million on presidential and congressional electoral campaigns, national party committees, and outside spending groups between 1999-2018. This spending was paralleled by an increase in per-person spending on prescription drugs from 1999 ($510/person, adjusted for inflation) to 2017 ($1025/person, adjusted for inflation)”  It looks like the big money is in being a lobbyist. Remember this doesn’t include the amount of money directly paid by Big Pharma to advertise their drugs and vaccines though the corporate media, which is also in the $Billions. Big Pharma shells out $20 billion “each year” to schmooze docs, $6 Billion on drug ads:

Additional Sources:

Political Payoffs,

Oil, gas firms give more cash to Democrats resisting carbon fees,

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Links on Corporate Media:  

Corporate Media:

These 6 Corporations Control 90% of the Media In America: This is a 2012 article and since then, several of these entities have been sold to other prominent corporations, and thus are under the control of the wealthiest major shareholders and owners. You have to go to the investor filings to find that such companies like Black Rock, Vanguard and few others are on most of the lists. It appears the ruling class keeps consolidated their wealth and power into a very small select group of companies, trusts, charities and holding companies and keep changing them periodically for some reasons, only they know. Perhaps to include or exclude those families and individuals who are part of the ruling class.

The Corporate Media Is Now Controlled By The Radical Left:

Mass Media In The United States:

Concentration of Media Ownership: This shows the worldwide concentration of ownership.  

These 15 Billionaires Own America’s News Media Companies: – Once again an older article from 2016, so several names have now changed on this list. – You’ll find most of the entities you read or listen to under the ownership of these folks, so you are now warned. Their motivations are both political and monetary and their primary concerns are seldom socially motivated. Their organizations operate on advertising and marketing revenue and industries like Big Pharma are major clients, perhaps with their use of so many products from Big Chemical, the most powerful commercial interests in the world. If you wonder why politicians are pushing Big Pharma’s vaccines and drugs so incessantly, simply follow the money.

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