The War To End All Wars

The War To End All Wars was the call of the war mongers and their bankers, during WWI in order to coerce the Citizens of the United States into entering the war, with the allowance of the sinking of the Lusitania when entering German submarine waters, unescorted, as the final rationale. War is always about financial slavery and profit, not the great lie of social civility. The use of government armies/navies to improve humanity, is simply a grand scheme to swindle and improve the corporate profits of the super wealthy and their minions. Taxation, financial or physical slavery and conscription have long been their favorite ploys going as far back as there is written history. The best story of their deviousness is the story of the infamous clansman John D. Rockefeller and his “charitable” foundation, responsible for the deaths of literally millions of people around the world.

At the ripe old age of 23, John D. Rockefeller, the future robber baron and America’s wealthiest man, started his first transportation company to sell goods to the Federal Government to supply the Union Army during the American Civil War. He also had enough money to be able to pay a “Substitute’ to be conscripted, the unconstitutional use of involuntary servitude by those in power. The war was so unpopular both sides had to enact conscription laws and yet both sides allowed their wealthy to sit on the sidelines via substitution laws, out of harm’s way, to profit from the war. Approximately 500,000 mostly men, of all races, lost their lives and thousands permanently injured. How can it be that America was the only nation in the world to fight a civil war “allegedly” over slavery and saving the republic. Now you know the truth. All the other governments simply enacted legislation abolishing slavery and the U.S. had already abolished the importation of slaves, obviously angering the very clansmen who controlled the Atlantic Slave Trade.       

This is something the ruling classes “gatekeepers” as some call them, journalists and government propagandists, do not want the majority to know. The facts that Rockefeller had the money at this age, was able to secure such a government contract and was a large supporter and contributor to the Republican Party who backed Lincoln and the war, should be illuminating for many.  

The moral of the story is that the Modus Operandi (MO) of the clan has always been to sell goods and services to the ignorant taxpayers, and they will force us to fight and kill one another if necessary. From vaccines to voting machines to prison telephone systems to nuclear submarines and obviously, they care not what happens to the majority as their money and lives are taken/stolen from them. We are merely slaves of their deviousness, immorality and greed.             

Oh, but there is more. The Rockefeller Foundation also financially supported the research of experimental vaccines before and during WWI, inoculating military personnel in all the major nations of the world, who spread the diseases through what is called shedding, our bodies defense mechanism of trying to excrete foreign matter and pathogens, causing their deaths and those they came into contact with. Even though the first case and death from the “Spanish Flu” occurred in Ft. Riley, Kansas, with those who had been inoculated with the experimental vaccine, both government officials and the MSM around the world lied to their people calling it the Spanish Flu. They inoculated the young men and women, at induction in all the countries involved on both sides of the war, sending millions to their deaths around the world, with the very pathogens used in their experiments; human beings used as guinea pigs. More American military personnel died from the influenza, then at the hands of the Axis forces, many of them dying before leaving the United States.

There is no real moral to these stories, only the immorality by those who ignorantly acquiesce and are fooled by the deviants, continuing to allow these actions to continue. When I hear people thank me for my service, when they find out I was drafted during the Vietnam War, causing well over 150,000 young men to needlessly die for increased profits of the military industrial complex and politicians, it sickens me. When is it going to sicken everyone?           

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