The Democratic Capitalist Illusion

For those that studied economics at the higher levels of our education system, it is a true irony that we continue to hear major political pundits and the slew of economic consultants and leaders use the term capitalism when explaining our failing system. Capitalism is being noted to have failed us once again and now the government must step in and come to the rescue. 

One can make a case that both democracy and capitalism does exist in our society. The facts are that they, however, both operate at such significantly low levels that one should not constitute them as the predominant name and in fact, we really are in real terms a Fascist Oligarchy, as most countries really are today. It has been quite the deception perpetrated over many years. It is not democracy and capitalism that has failed because they have not been truly allowed or promoted as our political system and financial markets are controlled and manipulated at the highest levels by a relatively small group of bankers, politicians, lawyers, and judges and they are using 
socialist and fascist strategies to maintain their controls. This is not new and was done by the Romans and just about every society in world history. 

They control who gets the money, what groups get the government welfare, contracts, and how much the various classes and businesses are taxed and regulated. They redistribute the wealth from the private sector, being predominantly the middle and upper-middle classes who provide the largest levels of employment and productivity, through excessive taxation and an assortment of government fees, fines, mandatory requirements, and numerous restrictions. That my friend is “not” capitalism. 

Of course, our elected representatives do use forms of democratic decision making to make some decisions but that is not a democracy, that is a democratic republic. The number of laws placed into effect by the citizens at-large in American is a pittance of the number of laws on the books. The small number of democratically created laws is also continually under attack by the ruling oligarchy, such as property tax-limiting laws like the Save Our Homes legislation in Florida or the various term limit laws enacted throughout the country. It is rare that a tax is either eliminated or significantly reduced. The only real democratic legislation is the initiative petition process that the oligarchy utilizes just as effectively as the majority often times nullifying what would be in the best interest of the majority. This does not necessarily support the pretense that Democracy is a viable system, as it has not shown to work for prolonged periods of time without various levels of chaos. But to use the word Democracy as an adjective for our society is quite misleading as it is obviously an oligarchy. When the rule of law is primarily determined by between nine (9) Supreme Court Justices and 500+/-legislators acting for self and special interests with little regard for inalienable rights, that is not a democracy. 

So the truth be told, we are actually a Democratic Republic? Nope, we are supposed to be, but we are not that either. Our politicians are representing someone but neither you nor I believe that they are any longer representing the majority nor probably never have been. We know that they are representing self and special interest groups and those that contribute to their campaigns with the greatest amount of benefits to those that contribute the most. That ’s the way the system works, has always worked, and most likely will always work as long as we maintain this system. Hopefully, Barack Obama will be different as many are placing great hope on his administration, but the odds are against as much of the damage done to the system is either irreparable and the associations within his own party and oligarchy we make it difficult for him despite his perceived morays or desires. It also appears that he is not changing the various legislation that would cure our problems but instead is continuing along the same social engineering strategies that have just brought us to our knees. 

How can you have a democracy when most people are voting for what is in their own best interest rather than what is in the best interest of the majority. No wonder political scientists have historically been afraid of what the majority would do if put in a position of determining the majority of our laws. Between the lack of understanding of many of the specifics of economics and law, people mostly vote their pocketbook. You cannot trust the majority at least in a collective sense. Additionally many believe and it appears reasonable to conclude that the majority is to easily swayed by current events and situations nor has the time and inclination to be entrusted with such responsibility, so they are literally taken the advantage of by the ruling oligarchy and they use the foregoing arguments to condone their actions. Jefferson said “that Government is best which governs least” and he is one of the greatest proponents of free market capitalism and individual rights. 

Fascism: The use of taxation and regulation to controls the means of production. There are various definitions of fascism but to this author, all require heavy taxation and regulation to implement and maintain the power and authority of the ruling entity. Most often fascism is associated with dictators like Mussolini and Hitler, but Hitler was appointed by an elected official and Mussolini was an elected Official. However, one person on his own cannot maintain the necessary power to enforce their economic policies and controls, so fascism is more an economic aspect of socio-economics and how and who implements it is secondary. Not one fascist society has existed without a powerful group working in collusion, perhaps led by a central figure, none the less an oligarchy. Even the various Kings of
the historical and current Monarchs have very tightly organized groups controlling all aspects of their societies. The degree of brutality used to me is secondary to the definition and all known Monarchs have used various forms of fascism to maintain their power and all must use some degree of brutality to force the abeyance of their policies and controls. 

Oligarchy: Decision making by the few… and the number people involved 
would depend on how many people they are ruling. In a country of 325 
million, 2500 people is a few and that is my estimate of the number of 
people who truly rule our country through such organizations as 
Congress and the administration, The Council on Foreign Relations and 
mil9itary industrial contractors, The Federal Reserve Bank, the major 
banks, the major mass Media outlets and the higher Judgeships within 
the Judicial branch. Consider that a vote of 4 to 3 by the U.S. Supreme 
Court can constitute a law. 

Capitalism: The unfettered liberty and freedom to participate in all economic activities without government approval or restrictions, as long as the rights of others are not usurped. Capitalism, where? For god sack, our money isn’t even free market derived any more. The US$s are pieces of paper or computer blips, (fiat currency) forced on the Citizens of this county in 1933 by legal tender laws. You can’t take anything else to the bank and receive just compensation despite what the money clauses of our Constitution say. Any 6th grader can read the money clauses of the Constitution and ascertain the facts that gold and silver coins are the “only” legal money allowed under the Constitution. Article I Section 10: No State shall…make anything but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payments of Debts. 

Most aspect of our lives are regulated and controlled by various 
Alphabet bureaucracies and regulations. Every trade and business is 
licensed with tons or regulations and taxes. There are over 111 
different government fees and taxes heaped upon the Citizens of this 
country. If you want to take you kid fishing, you’re supposed to buy a 
fishing license for him or her. If you want to dive for lobsters off 
Florida’s coast, “during those times that you’re allowed to dive for 
them” lobster season, you must have both a fishing and a lobster 
license. Every ”Professional Occupation” whatever that means is 
licensed and highly regulated. I have three Licenses and it has truly 
been a huge waste of my time and money keeping them active and meeting 
all the regulatory requirements. Interestingly, the regulators don’t 
really teach you how to conduct the realistic aspects of business in 
an ethically manner. Basically, it’s most of the regulation comes down 
to don’t steal or lie to people and follow the hoards of regulations 
so we can make money off you. 

We’ve had the largest “communist” county in the world, China buying the largest part of our government debt for the last 10 to 15 years. 
They used their fiat currency to buy our fiat currency. Without the 
the purchase of our debt by other governments it would have been 
impossible to pay for ¾’s of our government programs over that same 
period. Before that we have the world largest oligarchy, still 
controlled by a monarch and powerful families, Japan buying our 
government debt, to their own demise. And people wonder why we have 
crashed and getting ready to burn From the time you wake up in the 
morning and take your shower with government regulated water, brush 
your teeth with government approved toothpaste and eliminate your 
prior days store of food into a government regulated sanitation 
system, every product that you use and every action you take is most 
likely regulated, taxed and/or controlled by every present Uncle 
Sam. That is not capitalism. 

Remember who is controlling Uncle Sam; that small group which can be best defined as an oligarchy. A group of socialist engineers experimenting over a hundred year period that lead us into either war and recession or depression 50 % of the Twentieth Century and 100% so far of the 21st century. It is not that some levels of regulation may not be warranted but do not call us a capitalist society when we are must more socialistic, communist and fascist than most understand. 

The socialist sector has just added Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, 
shares in various major banking institutions and now two of the big three automakers to its side of the balance sheet. What will be nationalized next, will yet to be seen but the vultures are lining the halls of our capitals vying for the government handouts. Wallstreet is already positioning themselves to take advantage of the $billions or $trillions Obama and the 111th Congress will be trying to dole out. However, not so fast as the ability to raise the necessary money for the bailout is becoming more in question as competition between the government bonds and higher yielding investment may come into play when and if the world economies are stimulated. The socialist sector is hard at work and there is little capitalism to enjoy as the majority of Citizens have been left relatively destitute by past and current misallocated resources. 

Yes, capitalism is dead, but it did not die on its own accord. It was killed, as it is always killed, by ruling oligarchs, implementing various socialist and communist legislation. An income tax is the 2nd platform of Communism. The Federal Reserve Bank, our Central Bank is the 5th platform of Communism and the 10th platform, and the reason many do not know the basic tenants and differences between capitalism and communism is “free education of children by the government”. You ask the average public education teacher and citizen what an inalienable right is and they will look at you with a stupid grin. Prohibitions of various forms of vice are manipulative actions for controlling police power and law enforcement. Who do you think is laundering all the drug, gambling and prostitution money and controlling the various cartels and operations. When was the last time a major bank was prosecuted for money laundering and please don’t hold your breath waiting for such a prosecution to occur as you will quickly die of asphyxiation? 

Individuals, who call us a capitalist society, are either naïve,  stupid or are a beneficiary of our fascist oligarchy. Our capitalist society has been killed by socialism and communism through acquiescence by our Citizens who were either too stupid or apathetic to stop these people from imposing more taxes, regulation and government programs that take away the rights of a human being and their ability to participate in a true capitalist system. You have truly gotten what you paid for. You’ve allowed them to steal the wealth from the American people, gradually through 113 different tax programs, borrow from as many countries around the world, who they could get to buy us government bonds and spend as much money on every conceivable government programs, that they have now virtually bankrupted our country and even future generations. So the next time you hear your favorite political or economic pundit or politician use the terms democracy and capitalism, call them or write them an email and let them know that we are tired and aware of their misinformation. At least tell us the truth when you’re taking advantage of us by stealing year after year the majority of our disposable income. 

The Keynesian economic model has failed so badly that the oligarchs are having to use misinformation to continue their control and power. You can tell the various stooges, lackeys, minions and occasionally, an actual oligarch who are constantly criticizing capitalism, calling for more regulation and attempting to continue the status quote. The entire bailout was as orchestrated as anything that I’ve ever seen, totally unconstitutional and the American people once again become the victims of our fascist oligarchy. 
Harry Robinson ©1/5/2009 

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