These forms have been created to give us a start in the process of bringing people together with a specific mission as noted in the Mission Statement. You can be either a representative of the people or you can be someone who chooses someone to represent them. The mission is to create a massive uprising against the Judiciary that has been a key participant in usurping the rights and property of the Citizens.

Simply talk to people that you admire for their knowledge in the law and system of jurisprudence and ask them to join in our efforts. If they accept, you and they can fill out the Affidavit of Representation below and send it to the site administrator. Hopefully, if you have the affordability, you can also become an annual contributor but it is not mandatory at this point. As the site administrator, the entire project will be turned over to the Members as the membership grows.

Affidavit of Representation =

If you would like to be a Member I have devised some qualifications and standards that I would like to see as part of the system. They, of course, are open to improvements as the group grows and takes over control from me.  A very large group of qualified and knowledgeable individuals is essential to the success of this social experiment. It is time to take back our society from the hands of the few.

Membership and Qualification Standards of the Supreme Court Review Board =…urt-review-board/