Membership Drive Kick Off

For those of you who haven’t taken the time to read the various elements of this website and understand the concept I’m presenting, it’s a voluntary association of folks like you and me, who are looking for solutions. Many of us know the problems, but most are doing various things that at best, attempt to solve one problem or another within our current political system and if you haven’t noticed, not only are we really not really changing anything, it’s actually getting worse in many respects.

The internet does, however, provide us a great tool, in my humble opinion to alter the course of history and somebody needs to put an application together that accomplishes our social needs; that of the Citizen’s ability to review and correct if necessary, Judicial mistakes. I use the word  “mistakes”, as a nice way of often noting full-blown corruption and malfeasance on the part of Judges at especially the appellate levels which sadly in recent years has trickled down to the local Circuit and County Court systems. The courts are no longer even obeying their own rules of civil and criminal procedures, they created.

Justice is everything in a society and why governments have always maintained a very small core group of Judges relative to the population to make sure the ruling class can maintain control over them.  Those who mitigate, as the final arbiter (Judges), the disagreements between the government and its Citizens and enforce the final determinations, most often being in favor of government policing powers and taxation, control the fate of their society and rule of law. In a society of 325 million people, we have just 9 people who are the final arbiters of our case law; the Supreme Court of the United States and when they make a ruling it is near impossible to overturn them.

The books already written on the various failures of our Judiciary to protect our inalienable rights is so prolific that one must only do an internet search on political of Judicial corruption to find them. The videos are just as numerous.

Become a member and help us create and implement a system which can oversee and regulate the Judiciary.



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