Mission Statement – Crypto-Court

To improve the system of jurisprudence and thus increase the level of equal justice for all, in the United States of America through a non-political voluntary association of individual Citizens.

To create a secure, via a highly encrypted blockchain based, computer application that allows those Members appointed as Jurists to the Supreme Court Review Board (SCRB) to cooperate in formulating and writing better concurring and dissenting opinions, whenever the SCRB determines the Supreme Court, or it’s lower Appellate Court decisions are deemed objectionable by the people.

To promote the participation of all Citizens of the United States in joining the SCRB as either Citizen Affiants (those being directly represented by a Jurist via a retractable appointment process) or those Citizens Appointees that meet the SCRB requirement to be Jurists.

To have the largest group of Jurist’s possible participates in those cases chosen for review,  which will be done by random selection by the computer application, based on such criteria as expertize and experience in those elements of the case at large.

To allow when necessary, the Members of the Supreme Court to request the number of Jurists selected for a particular case, the SCRB deems necessary, be increased as to meet the highest potential direct democratic determinations as possible.

To limit the restrictions, other than being a Citizens of the United States of America or a Jurists inability to participate in a review, the requirements other than being appointed by a required number of Citizen affiants, for being a Jurists. There shall be no limitations or restrictions based on education, testing, BAR membership or any other regulatory restrictions for participation as a Citizen Affiant or Jurist unless they are unable to fulfill their obligations as such.

To ensure the system remains a representative decision-making model, a Citizen Affiant may withdraw their appointment at any time, except during a specific review, terminating the Member from qualifying to be a Jurists until such time as another  Citizen Affiant is retained to replace the withdrawn apponitment.

To place political and social pressure on the Nation-State to adopt the final decisions of the SCRB as the rule of law.