What Is A Jurists

What is a Jurist? Simply, it is an individual who makes a legal determination. Judges, in a non-jury trial, and Juries in a Jury Trial as they are called, both act as Jurists in those situations.   

Help Save The World; it’s time to be proactive and not reactive. Once you understand the power such an organization can have, you will see that not only can we drastically improve our country, it will improve all the country’s Judicial systems around the world.  

“Everyone must be a Citizen of the United States of America to participate” and it is a Voluntary Association of Citizens and Jurists dedicated to improving our system of justice.  

  1. Either you can be a Citizen Affiant, choosing somebody, a Jurist, to represent you, if you are not very knowledgeable in legal research and Constitutional law, like most people or if you are knowledgeable in those areas, you can become a Citizen Appointee/Jurist as discussed in part 2. below.

As a Citizen Affiant, you can choose anyone you want, as long as, the person you choose except your appointment by written affidavit. You can only choose one person to represent you. You’re really looking for the best and brightest legal mind you can find, especially those who are well versed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

You can appoint someone to represent you by a simple Affidavit which you will find in the Forms Section titled “Affidavit of Representation” that spells out the terms and conditions of the agreement between the person you select and yourself. The Affidavit simply appoints the person you choose to represent your views. If you do not know someone who you think, has the ability to represent your views in the matter of the constitutionality of our laws, then add your name to the section entitled; Need Citizen Appointee/Jurist. As we start to get Citizen Appointees/Jurists, they may need Citizen Affiants like you, to get to the required twenty-five (25) Citizen Affiants needed to become a Member of the Supreme Court Review Board (SCRB).

  1. How to become a Citizen Appointee/Jurist who will represent others who do not have the knowledge and expertise to research and review Appellate decisions.

If you wish to remain anonymous you may do so and any documents and information you provide will be protected via encryption with you and only you able to view or edit. If you happen to lose your login and password you will have to delete your current subscription and start a new one from the beginning.

Once you obtain twenty-five affidavits (see Affidavit of Representation) you will than quality, subject to signing the “Membership and Qualification Standards” agreement which outlines some of the basic standards for membership. Once we a group have 50 qualified Members, we will turn over the operations of the SCRB to those members.  In the advent you are having a tough time finding people to support you in being a Citizen Appointee, please fill out the form titled: Citizen Appointees and download any documents you want that would provide Citizen Affiants the opportunity to review your qualifications.

You will need to also provide your Curriculum Vitae so that the database shows your expertise when the system eventually goes live. We want those people with specific expertise, although randomly selected to be able to review those cases where such expertise would be desired. Once again, you can remain anonymous or be totally public with whatever you want to provide.

The actual Jurists are those people like a jury or a Judge who become the final arbiters of our laws. The question I ask you is; we now have just nine (9) people determining our rule of law and they are selected by the ruling oligarchy within our society. The Senatorial confirmation process is a political one with bias and special interests rigging the system. We have a nation of some 325 million people and yet we are left, in the end, with just nine (9) people determining the constitutionality of our laws.

We can appoint hundreds of thousands of people to be jurists if enough people get involved in jurists4justice to be the final arbiters or we can continue to allow the nation-state and its nine (9) Supreme Court minions to manipulate the lives of the majority.

Thinking the nation-state will solve this lack of representation is naive. The Citizens need representation and the nation-state, as it is now set up, obviously does not accomplish this all-important task. The nation-state has given us slavery, witch hunts, excessive taxation, debt, and corruption.  Free enterprise and voluntary associations have given us so much that it would take a library of books to write them down.