The Tyranny of Central Banking

This statement might paraphrase the source of a serious candidate’s dilemma who threatens the U.S. political establishment. Four of the five Presidents that opposed the Central Bankers were assassinated and Andrew Jackson luckily survived his assassination attempt.

Recently a friend and I were discussing the politics behind the U.S. economy and the concept of “Who is driving the bus?” arose.
He said “the bus is driven by the 50% who live off the government.” I said the following …

‘All commerce (private & public, domestic or foreign) is beholden to finance, both to produce the product / service or to finance its’ sale or implementation.
Regarding the U.S. Government, financing comes via bond sale revenues or fees / taxes imposed on the citizen (natural or artificial). If the political representatives want to spend more revenue then they take in via bond and levied tax receipts, what can they do under the Constitution ?

Except for increasing bond sales and/or taxes the answer is nothing, unless they establish by enactment an ‘anti-constitutional’ vehicle of back-door enrichment by creating fictional or ‘fractional’ money – the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which devalues its citizen’s wealth via inflation and/or deflation. This brings us back to your position – ‘the 50% who live off the government are driving the bus’.

I say they are only the ‘benefactors’ of the stolen wealth. The quid-pro-quo is their vote to re-elect the legislative ‘Conspiritor’.

The truth is, the person driving the bus is the Thief, the ‘cartel’ members of the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of the United States who operate in secrecy beyond the reach of full financial audits and who finance thru various sources (corporate clients / tax code benefactors) the campaigns of these legislators in exchange for ‘interest payments’ paid with direct IRS ‘income tax’ or ‘gift’ collections [see 31 U.S.C. 321(d)(2)] deposited with the NYFRB against the trillions of ‘federal reserve notes’ advanced as ‘fractional’ loans via authorized congressional ‘debt ceiling’ increases made thru the Federal Reserve (ACT) System to the U.S. Government, backed by the good faith and credit (wealth) of the working Citizens of the United States.

This ‘bus’ must to be taken off the road and put out of commission permanently !!

A stroke of a pen by the President on a Law repealing the ‘Federal Reserve Act’ removes approx. $10 trillion from the national debt and thereby $250+ billion in annual interest payments to the FRB is gone !! Furthermore, since the FRB invested no capital (real dollars) they are due nothing, but the ‘World Bank’ & ‘IMF’ loans to other countries backed by the U.S. taxpayer revert back to and are due the U.S. Treasury in D.C. !!!’

See … – view ‘Silent No More Publications’ history of U.S. central banks and ‘Federal Reserve’ seminar entitled “How to Take our Country Back” – Part I.

William Tinnerman
St. Augustine, FL

The third central bank of the United States was established in 1913 under nefarious circumstances, despite opposition by those such as Congressman Charles Lindbergh Sr.

His story tells how the oligarchs of any society use various methods and propaganda to implement legislation that gives them the political and financial power they desire to control commerce as Karl Marx noted as the 5th platform in his Communist Manifesto.

You can pretty much guarantee that of all Republicans and Democrats currently running for the Presidency, only Congressman Ron Paul endorses abolishing the Federal Reserve Banking monopoly. He is obviously a brave man.

5 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Central Banking

    • Your right. The LP have long been ignored by the oligarchs. Just understand that politics should only be used as a medium to educate by libertarians. Thinking that you can gain political enfluence through the unethical methods of any political process is contrary to liberty. Until such time as the average American can say that taxation is legalized theft and extortion, the Democratic process will be a fallacy. Add to that, people voting primarily what is in their own best interest, and you have no political system that could actually function in a manner that is in the best interest of the majority. I don’t see any probably method of altering government to make it’s rmaifications positive. A free market judicary, as this ssite prescribes, is the only thing that I believe has the potential of success and that is even very questionable as to it’s outcome.


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