Open Debate and Transparency

It is surely self evident that open debate, transparency, and freedom of speech are key components within the realms of government to advance a civil society. Yet, in today’s world, despite the ease of allowing them, there are so many entities, from Academia to Social Media and Governments and NGOs, that are currently discouraging them. Some do not even have a Comment section, and Censorship, De-platforming and Demonetizing (C, D or D) have become common occurrences.  

Every single website creation platform has a plethora of templates and simply mechanisms for allowing a comment section, yet so many eliminate this ability. The fact that those that do this, are many of the ones that should be the most transparent and open to debate is of a particular interest. That many of these same entities somehow end up at the top of the various search engines results is even more intriguing. Of course, if you find something about any of these entities that contradicts the classification, let us know.  

I’ve created this, and it can easily be expanded in order to expose those wishing to deny and tell the truth. Please help fill out these lists. by send me those entities you find to be either liars or telling the truth:

No Comment SectionC, D and DNo C, D, and C
medium.comYoutubeSubstack (Popular Science)
 MSNBC, FOX, CNN, Yahoo, MSN, CBS, NBC, ABC – Corporate Media
Rules of Engagement: If a person is simply posting irrelevant name calling, and/or adding nothing to a debate, blocking them or deleting their comments may be justifiable. Whereas calling someone a criminal with supporting evidence would be acceptable, even if you disagree witht eh evidence, so one’s ability to make reasonable arguments is extremely important, even if you disagree. Sadly, there are those who wish to discourage the truth from becoming known for personal gain or to protect themselves from prosecution, and thus, who these people are and which organizations they work for is part of the rationale for creating this page. As the only current administrator of the page, which I will allow to increase over time, I will do my best to mitigate any disagreements among the posters who choose to participate and will surely call on the advice and knowledge of others, so don’t fear, that I will become the all mighty final arbiter as many others do. I enjoy telling the truth and exposing the lies to much to be a minion or lackey of the Fasci. 

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